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Happy Easter from Cinque Terre and Vernazza

Vernazza - The Phoenix is Rising Again


What a glorious day! Today the sun is out in full force with brilliant blue skies and strong winds.

.........and now its already Monday and I have had not a minute to write about Vernazza so I will just send some pictures for now.....
Vernazza was struck by a terrible mudslide on October 25, 2011....13 feet of mud filled the streets and swept cars out to sea. The people of Vernazza have worked so very hard to reclaim their town. The signs of destruction are very where but also of new life....the doors of the old buildings have been painted beautiful colours and its quite moving to see the Phoenix rising again.....Vernazza was always known as the jewel of Cinque Terre...one day it will be again.

The Doors of Vernazza.....

Hiking on the trail from Vernazza to Monterosso


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Via Dell'Amore

........Riomaggiore to Manarola

all seasons in one day 16 °C

Yesterday I was walking by this store in Riomaggiore and a celebration was going on. They offered me some Prosecco and I took this picture. Turns out it was the first day of a brand new store. This is the owner and one of the staff. Great cooking ingredients including these Ricotta filled crepes we had for dinner....mmmmmm.


Every day we manage to experience every form of weather...wake up to pouring rain then getting sunburnt a short while later.... Today there were strong winds and high surf which made for some spectacular waves breaking on the rocks. We did our chores in the morning which meant walking down down down to the village to pick up food and wine for lunch dinner and tomorrow's breakfast which we then had to carry up up up to our lovely home.

After a lovely lunch on one of our terraces we decided to hike the Via Dell'Amore walk to between Riomaggiore and the next village - Manarola. This lovely path between the towns is a lovers' meeting point for boys and girls from the two towns and has been christened the "Via dell'Amore...or Pathway of Love. There is much graffiti along the path...even carved into some of the succulent plant leaves. In addition the craze in Italy is to close a padlock with your lover onto a cable or railing at some scenic and romantic spot so there are many locks or every size and description attached along the way. There is also a plaque commemorating the Beatles and their song:
"..."And in the end,
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make."

The path ends in Manarola, the village we are staying in next week. Equally charming.



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Exploring Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre

......The start of the Easter weekend

all seasons in one day 18 °C

Today was the first day since arriving in Italy that we could indulge ourselves with a sleep in,,,.....no need to set the alarm in order to be in line for some site or other at the crack of dawn. It was heavenly! Today we spent climbing down to the village, back up to our apartment, then way down to the restaurant at the start of the walk to Manarola, We shared a plate of fresh salami and proscuitto and a plate of pecorrino cheese thinly sliced with fresh pear and the most divine honey you have ever tasted. Our thirst was quenched with a glass of Cinque Terre white wine. We have been meeting lots of people, many from Canada and the USA. It's fun to share tips and hear their stories.


It started to drizzle during our lunch a la fresco, so we walked back up to the apartment through the village for a siesta, then a divine home cooked meal a la Nancy. Fantastic antipasto, followed by home made fresh gnocchi with Ligurian pesto and fresh bread.....mmmmmmmm.......oh and did I forget to mention some local wine.

After dinner we went down to the local church where there was a Good Friday processional with music and everyone carrying lanterns as the procession went through town and back for a mass. It was wonderful to see the village children participating in the ceremony. Young and old came out to celebrate the start of the Easter weekend and also of the Cinque Terre season.


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.........is in Cinque Terre

sunny 23 °C

We said our fond farewells to Roma early this morning and caught the high speed train to La Spezia. Some lost soul came to show us the way and we boarded our train....ooops........we were in coach 2....the first coach was labelled 2.....so was the next.....the lost soul and the conductor said get on so we did......we left Rome and the conductor came to check out tickets...turns out the "2" meant second class...not the train compartment 2 we had spent the big bucks for the first class compartment.....we had too many suitcase to even dream of moving so our lovely plush seats at the front of the train went empty and we squeezed into the second class seats with a lovely Italian lady and her young daughter.

Almost four hours later we pulled into La Spezia. We had a tight connection with our train to Riomaggiore leaving within 6 minutes....problem was we arrived on track 3 and our train was leaving from track 1....you can't cut across the tracks. You have to go down below and take a tunnel under the tracks to your train. Hallelujah...there is in elevator....we rushed in with all our suitcases...the door locked behind us,,, and it wouldn't move... we couldn't open the door and could not get under the tracks,,,, we pressed the alarm and various people came but no one seemed to be able to do anything...through the glass door on the elevator we watched our train to Riomaggiore leave.....finally a man and a key arrived....we were let out but now had to wait an hour for the next train.

The trip from la Spezia by train to Riomaggiore is a full 8 minutes....


we arrived in Riomaggiore and Christina O'Brien, our lovely land lady met us and thank the Lord she brought her car to the train station (cars are forbidden in the village) and she drove us up, up , up to our apartment. The sun broke through the clouds as we arrived and has shone all day and tonight the full moon is out. The apartment is spectacular with two different terraces looking over the Ligurian Sea (really part of the Mediterranean). Its hot and sunny and the blossoms are out. There are plump lemons hanging on the trees by our place and the wisteria is in bloom and the magnolias are about to burst into full bloom. The sun was sparkling on the glorious deep blue sea....the sound of birds and the odd train and the sea breezes are all we hear. Its spectacular...exactly what I hoped for only better!

After depositing out bags we heading into the villages to have some lunch and buy some groceries...wine, water, wine, and breakfast goodies. We ate in a little cafe over the sea by the marina. We climbed up, we climbed down.... tons of exercise just tons of good food too! We are in this apartment for the next week and I could not be happier. Plus we have internet... A rarity at least at our hotel in Rome, one of the biggest cities in the world!

We went to a little restaurant down the street for supper...Ripa del Sole. It was sensational. Far better than any meal we had in Rome and half the price. We had great meals in Rome its just that this is so fresh, original and made with local foods. What a wonderful place.

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Villa Borghese, Gardens, View from Victor Emmanuel

sunny 23 °C

We wtoured the spectacular Borghese Gallery today. Every inch of the place is a work of art. Loved the Bernini sculptures especially Appollo and Dafne

The weather has been spectacular. Quite warm. The flowers in the Borghese gardens were in bloom.


While Nancy toured the Dali exhibit I took th elevator tp the top of the Victor Emmanuel monument and was able to photograph Rome in 360 degrees. Unfortunately dropped my camera very hard on a concrete floor. Something is wrong but I am still getting photos thank heavens


Our last dinner in Rome was at the Boccaro, recommended by Roy from Ottawa. Tomorrow we leave on the 8 am train for Cinque Terre. Probably not much internet for a while so Ciao!!


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