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Vatican City and Piazza Navona

sunny 22 °C

[The Dome of St. Peter's in Rome


The Ceiling in the Sistine Chapel

Portion of Bernini Fountain - Piazza Navona


Mime at Pantheon at Night

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Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Forum

sunny 22 °C

The Forum with Wisteria in bloom.....



Ancient Rome in all its splendour coupled with a glorious spring day.....who could ask for anything more
The Colosseum


Nancy at the Colosseum



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Pinch Me

.....are we really in Rome?

sunny 21 °C

Pantheon interior



Nancy arrived right on time. We headed off to the Trevi Fountain to toss the mandatory coins in the fountain and to wish that we get back to Rome. Awesome gathering place for people of all ages from around the world. We then made our way for sunset on the Spanish steps at the end of the Via Condotti that has ever store in the fashion magazines on it....none of which we can afford.


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Oh Roma


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Paivi_at_D_Orso_80.jpgFinally I have been able to access working internet. Its now Wednesday.

Arrived in Rome on Sunday and caught a taxi. I read all the books. They said its fixed price fare of 40 Euros to Ancient Roma from the Leonardo da Vinci Airport. Just look for a white taxi and a registration number on the side. Yup. Did that. Arrived at the hotel by 8:45 a.m. Driver says thats 61 Euros. I said no fixed price. Its 40 Euros. Turns out my white taxi with the number on the side that was in the taxi line up with all the bona fide white cabs with numbers on them, was the cheater cab not the real cab. With the help of the guy on the desk I get the fare down to 50 Euros. I seem to have a "sucker" tattoo on my forehead for the taxis in Europe. Didn't bother going to the police this time.
Threw my stuff in our postage stamp room eat the Hotel Portoghesi and took off for the morning. Its in absolutely the best location, prime real estate which is why it costs a ridiculous amount for a room that is probably 10 foot square with a tiny bathroom and entranceway. Would definitely come back for the location and neighbourhood. Went to the Colosseum (outside only), the Pantheon and exploring in general. Came back for a shower and to meet Paivi Romu for lunch. She is a lovely lady, a friend of Rob Robson's who has lived in Rome for 32 years as a guide. She speakss many languages but specialized in Scandinavian tours of Rome. We went five doors down to one of the best restaurants in Rome - L'Orso 80. The know and love Paivi so they just kept on bringing the food. OMG.....delicious. The wine and Limoncello (liquor) finished it off. Awesome. Back to my room to pass out until Nancy arrived

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Let the Adventures Begin

On the eve of my journey to Rome

overcast 8 °C

The adventure is about to begin. My boarding passes are all printed. Just praying no issues with Air Canada or other delays. Paul and Suzanne arrived fresh from Texas and moved in this afternoon, so once again my house will be well looked after while I am away. Their marriage plans are moving forward having finally heard from the USA government. No final permissions yet.

Heading out now for drinks and various celebrations ...starting with the basic TGIF!

First flight is to Toronto at 8:30 a.m.

My mission in Rome is to stymie the dreaded pickpockets. I am living in terror of them after reading and hearing too many ugly stories. I sure hope to succeed. I am taking every precaution I have heard about. I gather that pick pocketing is a perfected art form in Italy so hopefully I can avoid that nonsense!


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